Wade: From The Shadows

51sr+sqGMrLSnorting, stomping, angry bulls: just waiting to be released from the confinement of the chute. It’s the most dangerous sport out there, and finally, Wade Cunningham is at the top of the rodeo standings.
Armed with rosin, ropes, and cowbells, he’s set to conquer the bulls as a professional rider with a lot of talent. With a host of personal demons, he also has a propensity for drunken brawls, bad decisions, and an unsatisfied hunger for loose women. Now, with his long time rival retired from the circuit, everyone is focused on him, and Wade knows it’s time to clean up his act.
Wade finds himself uncharacteristically asking Cheyenne Daugherty on a date rather than indulging in a quick fling. Petite and with brassy hair, the young, single mother is completely unlike the flashy, high maintenance women Wade is used to pursuing.
Wrecks and spills fill the season, leaving Wade to question if he can emerge from the shadows of doubt and self-sabotage to prove to Cheyenne that he’s not only worthy of her love, but also dependable enough for her to trust him with her young son.
Falling in love for the first time in his life, Wade knows that with Cheyenne counting on him, there is no one to blame but himself if he doesn’t succeed.