The Coast [Series]


Her Sultry Eyes

510LWcOdiRL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Arriving at The Coast in the middle of a May heat wave, the handsome but untanned detective from Michigan stands out from the locals with bronzed skin who are acclimated to the Carolina heat.  When Xander McKenzie meets a stunning strawberry-blonde at the local tiki bar, it’s her sultry eyes and intelligent banter that captures his attention. Xander can’t resist falling into the arms of such a sensual, intelligent woman. Before he’s even settled into his job as the newest detective in the special investigations unit, Xander is assigned his first case. The murder of Nadia Gill occupies his days and his thoughts as he works to find her killer. All too late, he finds out that there are a multitude of reasons why he shouldn’t be pursuing a relationship with the irresponsible Lexi Marshall. Her history in the coastal community and her family connections could prove to be too much of a barrier for the duo with uncanny chemistry.

A Heartbreaking Ride

516N-S-TYvLLike a pendulum, the life of a detective can quickly swing from tedium to terror. That’s how Xander McKenzie finds life as an officer in the special investigations unit at the coast. After months of dating, Lexi Marshall is ready to tell Xander more about her past, and the real reason she makes it a priority to sit on the community policing board. Concerned about the woman he loves, the detective has to put Lexi’s cold case on the back burner when he and his partner, Dennis, are summoned to the scene of a school bus crash. A quiet day at the precinct is about to turn chaotic. With reckless abandon, the lives of thirty-eight children are turned upside down when a 25,000 pound vehicle careens off the road. After every ambulance and emergency worker leaves the scene, it’s up to Xander and Dennis to piece together the evidence and determine what went wrong. Both Lexi and a bus full of children will endure a heartbreaking ride in this story of love and healing in the wake of criminal recklessness. Taken from the headlines of a real life community, this story has been fictionalized to fit the characters and setting of The Coast.

The Test Drive

51nlHrGiEzLAfter meeting the new bombshell of a cheerleading coach during his investigation of a spree of petty thefts, detective Dennis Blain takes the perky brunette out on a date. After a wild encounter that leaves him wanting more, he’s pulled away when he and detective Xander Mckenzie are summoned to the home of Tom and Sheri Dogma to investigate the disappearance of the husband and father who left on a test drive to sell a truck listed on Craigslist and never returned. The two detectives investigate leads on the missing person and seek out witnesses as they work with a community that is stunned by the inexplicable disappearance. Escaping the case during the few personal hours they’re afforded, Xander works through a fight with Lexi while Dennis discovers that his cheerleader has an emerging interest in his private collection of toys he keeps tucked away in a wardrobe in the closet. Taken from the headlines of a real life community, this tragic story has been fictionalized to fit the characters and setting of The Coast.

A Moth To A Flame

51GHw1ON9hL-1._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Football, cheerleaders, and Thanksgiving. For Shelly Minor, the cooler November temperatures mean that cheerleading season is in full swing. As coach of the North Beach High Marauders cheerleaders, she’s worked hard to prepare her squad for a run at the state championship. With as much dedication as an elite athlete, Shelly embraces the training regiment that Dennis has designed for her as he trains her to be his submissive. For Detective Dennis Blain, the autumn not only means a welcome relationship with his baby doll, it also means an entirely new crime for him and his partner Xander to solve. A number of suspicious fires have the small city’s residents concerned about the safety of their businesses and their families. With so much evidence burned at each scene, the detectives from the special investigations unit struggle to find one solid lead in the case. From a delinquent teenager to a known drug dealer, they investigate one suspect after another until they catch a break in the case, but not until one of Lexi’s luxury vacation homes is threatened by arson. Taken from the headlines of a real life community, this story has been fictionalized to fit the characters and setting of The Coast.


51jvPNXH-AL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Since arriving at The Coast, Detective Xander McKenzie has investigated murders, accidents, thefts, and arson. Now, in late November, he must work to prepare and protect Lexi’s hometown from a catastrophic hurricane. The process of rebuilding, a week of elite training, and an extreme illness have Lexi wondering if Xander regrets moving from Michigan to the Oceanside community. Can the stars that brought Lexi and Xander together on a hot and humid night in May hold them together through the everyday joys and challenging losses that come their way?