Short Stories


51Z6111k5WLA nemesis can be a pain in the ass when you’re a real estate tycoon, but it can also be a wonderful source of inspiration. When your nemesis is tall and handsome, and equally ruthless, that rivalry can fuel genius ideas that are full of innovation and originality.

Blair knows this dynamic all too well. With just a few finishing touches needed on her new development project, she jets away to Aruba for some much needed solace. When Chad Kingsley, her long time nemesis competes with her for a taxi at the island airport, her hopes for a relaxing vacation suddenly vanish.

As each day passes, secrets are revealed, and these rivals learn a little about what makes the other so good at what they do. Can these two moguls put aside their differences long enough to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf of this exotic island destination?


51-WTgPDTYLWith an urgent call from his executive assistant, Kent Millar’s day is turned upside down. Away from the office to attend a Vancouver based convention, an egregious printing error made by a national magazine publisher has the marketing executive scrambling to figure out how he will smooth over the expensive error before the lucrative account jumps ship.
Focused on how to tactfully handle both the client and the magazine editor, Kent is suddenly distracted when a beautiful woman he’s met only once before, approaches him in the convention center lobby.
At a glance, the alluring and intelligent Octavia, sees a solution that may save Kent his client relationship, but it may also separate the industry leader from all of its competitors.
Indebted and aroused by Octavia’s beauty, intelligence, and humor, will Kent find a way to show is appreciation to the woman who’s in the city on important business of her own?

The Race is On

515zyA6kEsLIt’s late spring in Vancouver when Erika Walker lands in the bustling west coast seaport for a week of business meetings as the executive producer for a film production company. With travel consuming so much of her life, Erika makes it a priority to get out and enjoy the unique spectacles each destination has to offer, and Vancouver is no different.

It’s not until she’s strolling around the grounds at the city’s annual ribfest that she comes face to face with the tall, handsome stranger that had caught her eye at the airport in Toronto.

As it turns out, Zachary Thompson is just as enamored with the executive producer as she is of the Australian who has flown in to observe a highly competitive yacht race as he scouts for talent to join his crew. Best of all, he’s not at all afraid to show her how he feels.

With three precious days in the same city, these global travellers have little time to discover if their immediate attraction and ultimate connection to one another, is enough to keep them together.

Bound, But Free

41JrFxF01TLWith an incredible gift of perception, Mike has discovered the latent secret to what provides unparralled pleasure for both he and the new love of his life. One night after months of sharing a home, he witnesses how his kitten embraces the discomfort of being bound, along with her ability to use it as fuel for an earth shattering orgasm. It has his own climax surpassing all others before it and it leads to an entirely new sexual freedom for this couple.
Finding each other after previous relationships that were both toxic and draining, they find it refreshing to have a partner so willing and eager to meet the needs of the other.
Balancing demanding careers, children, and the challenge of blending families, their time alone reveals that the amount of trust that they have is only surpassed by the love they share.