Cara’s novels have been reviewed hundreds of times, resulting in countless 5-star reviews. Here are a few of Cara’s favourite responses from readers.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It’s is wonderfully funny, steam filled romp

The Fortuitous Pen

ca-stgtd-fortuitouspen3“Ms. Addison brings us the Sequel to Going the Distance, note it stands very well on it’s own. (I did not read the first one). And was enthralled by this one. Austin Campbell and Brett Tanner met in the first installment and this is the story of them adjusting to life together. It’s is wonderfully funny, steam filled romp. It’s not just about the sex (although it was delightful, and my husband appreciated the inspiration). Austin has given up her day job and moved to New York City, and write erotic novels. Brett, encourages this and is proud of her work. The characters are real and I found myself wishing they were my friends. It’s not all hearts and flowers but the nice thing about this one is that the problems are not in their relationship it is outside forces that they have to adjust to as they learn to be a couple.

Austin and Brett grown and become more enjoyable every step of the book, they learn to deal with family, friends and coworkers. Cara writes very strong characters and you want the HEA for them. If you like a wonderfully told romance, with believable people that have an extraordinarily healthy sex life. Hit the button this one is all of that and a piece of cake! I will be adding Cara Addison to my favorite authors!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Better Than Any Eight Second Ride

Beyond The Chute

ca-beyondthechute3Cowboy romances are one of my go to sub genres to read. I adore the characteristics that a true cowboy exhibits. They are every bit the gentleman in their Wranglers and Stetsons as the businessman in his Armani suit. I live smack dab in the middle of the U.S. so I see cowboys on a regular basis. Ms. Addison’s Beyond the Chutes gives the reader a behind the scenes glimpse of not only cowboys but the rodeo lifestyle of the Canadian professional circuit.
Kody is a four time Canadian all around rodeo champ. The previous season, his last ride snatched a fifth title from his grasp and could have been career ending. Kody fights back from his injury to compete again, however he often struggles with the lingering after effects of the event. Kody exemplifies the perfect cowboy, most of the time, but like everyone he makes mistakes. He is, after all, a man and beautiful women are found following the rodeo circuit or competing. He does his best to rectify a bad situation, which could cost him his best friend carefully and honestly. He is a humble winner, a tough competitor and a man who loves his family. I like his character; he is smart, hard working, funny, and sexy as hell.

Jaimie McDonald is a talented sportscaster who suddenly shows up on the rodeo circuit. I like Jaimie’s character, she is hard working and doesn’t let the men in her industry or the cowboys push her around. The moment they meet the chemistry ignites and the chase begins. Kody knows that he is attracted to the journalist. She fears that her attraction could cost her her job and her broadcasting future. The lure of the Calgary Stampede brings them together but the relationship is not without its problems. While the couple is creative in their endeavors to remain undetected, they are equally creative in the bedroom or in the great outdoors. Kody is having a terrific season professionally but cannot openly share it with the woman he wants. The story is well paced and the banter between all the characters is realistic and sexy. I would love to read another cowboy romance by Ms. Addison.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A full length bukkake fantasy!!

Indulging Her Fantasy

ca-indulgingherfantasy3Aurora Reagan is a proud alumni of Michigan State University. As such, she encapsulates the epitome of Spartan beauty: she is elegant, stunningly beautiful and she’s built like a cheerleader. She has the brains to match as she is an accomplished businesswoman and a CEO of a top tier fashion company. At her side is her adoring boyfriend, Nicholas. She is the type of person who has everything going for her.

As they’re watching a bukkake porn one night, Aurora is repulsed and she becomes angry that her boyfriend is turned-on by the spectacle. They have a big fight and she is resentful of his attitude towards the bukkake concept. She begins to wonder about this boyfriend who had up to that point been the perfect match for her.

Surprisingly, over time, she finds herself becoming aroused by the idea of being a bukkake girl. Just as people don’t go to see concert pianists play “Chopsticks,” so too do people not attend bukkakes for plain Janes. Shooters are only interested in bukkakes that feature pretty girls. The fact that she would have that kind of power over a room full of men is something that she finds intoxicating.

The problem, of course, is that she has a high profile and cannot afford a tabloid scandal. It will have to be, so to speak, a “confidential bukkake.” But how does she go about that?

The erotic thing about this story is that it’s a fully developed character who finds herself entranced by the notion of doing a bukkake girl. Aurora is NOT doing it for $$. In fact, her net worth is more than all of the shooters combined! Rather, she is doing it for HER own sake. It will be HER confidential bukkake.

While short stories such as Bukkake Girl,Cover Me: A Blonde Bukkake Fantasy and COLLEGE DORM BUKKAKE: Piper Gets Painted are all well & good, they are like fast food. By contrast, the present fantasy is like a full course meal at a 5 star restaurant. We get to actually KNOW the bukkake girl as opposed to her being a cut-out character.

On top of that, Cara Addison does the best job of describing what a real bukkake would be like. Bukkakes are erotica’s counterpart to sharks engaged in a feeding-frenzy, and Cara is able to capture that aspect wonderfully.

This is a ground-breaking book and is highly recommended for anyone who is intrigued by the genres of extreme erotica and / or bukkakes. The rhythm of the book actually mimics a bukkake with its slow crescendo to sexual tension and ultimate release. Even more than being about experiencing a bukkake, this book is all about relishing life, being alive…..and walking on the wild side!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Very hot read

Going The Distance

ca-goingthedistance3When Austin Campbell travels from Toronto to sunny San Diego to showcase her newest novel at a convention, she’s hoping to squeeze in some sightseeing into her business trip. Her plans change when she meets Brett Tanner, an investment banker from New York. Their instant attraction to each other leads to a week of fun, frolicking sex.

They learn that it may be more difficult than they realized to end their weeklong escapade when they have to leave each other at the airport to return to their individual lives. As ambitious professionals, they work all week so that they can take turns travelling the 500 miles between New York and Toronto to find out if their budding relationship has what it takes to go the distance.

Grief, betrayal, and distance are no match for this sexy couple. As they grow closer, Brett quickly learns that Austin is an intensely sexual lover. It doesn’t matter if they are on Canadian or American soil; they indulge in one playful encounter after another.

Brett falls in love with Austin because she is an intensely sexual lover, but also because she is determined, fearless, poised, ambitious, and fiercely loyal. Austin not only shows her love for Brett between the sheets, but by providing her intelligent, accomplished, and handsome lover with the focused love and loyalty that he craves.
Man this book was hot, hot, and hot! I loved how Brett loved reading Austin’s books and then telling his guys friends to read a certain part of the books.
I liked all the characters in this book. There was a lot of hot sex and almost from the beginning and all the way through the book. Great read and I can’t wait to read more of these authors’ books!!
What I hated was the ending! Come on. It was a horrid ending. It felt like it was not finished and short. I really wish it was pulled out just a little bit longer so we can see them move past the move and all.