Loans, Lust, and Lies

LoansLustLiesCOVERWhen it’s discovered that millions have been embezzled from the loan portfolio at Atlantic Bank, top executives Kane McGregor and Matthew King must find the perpetrator. The forensic investigator assigned to their case is the sexy and alluring Aubreigh Delaney. She and her team of professionals from WR& Associates have been tasked with uncovering the truth behind the massive loan scandal. For weeks, they work to uncover one mystery after another as they identify and gradually eliminate suspects with the motive and means to have carried out such a brazen and elaborate scheme. Once eliminated as suspects, both Kane and Matthew find Aubreigh too tempting to resist. Breaking all of the rules, she allows herself to become entangled in a love triangle, secretly hoping it will aid in her investigation. Author Cara Addison will take you on a journey through the files and minds of each suspect, finally revealing who perpetrated the fraud, as we find out exactly how loan, lust, and lies come together for the ultimate embezzlement scheme.